Glory Increasing

The Book of Enoch glorifies Christ, our Messiah. In addressing the “Great Wealth Transfer” that we are so familiar with found in Isaiah 60:1-5, there is another aspect to consider, and that is a different “outpouring.” Michael Fickess writes about this outpouring in one of his highly researched books: “Paths of Ever-Increasing Glory: What Enoch’sContinue reading “Glory Increasing”

Sound Waves

When God “spoke”, He created sound waves …. When YOU speak, YOU create sound waves… This is ‘energy’- The power of LIFE and DEATH are in the tongue — Speak GOD’s Word over yourselves, over your family, over your workplace, over your city, over your state, over your country, over the world. CREATE these soundContinue reading “Sound Waves”

Walk with God

“The most holy ones who were near Him did not leave by night or withdraw from His presence.” #MichaelFickess #Enoch #WalkWithGod “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” #Proverbs4:18 #Bible ¬†