All Hands on Deck

⚓️🚤🚢⛵️⚓️All Hands on Deck⚓️⛵️🚢🚤⚓️
We have quoted Acts 10:34 “God is no respecter of persons,” for many years in connection to receive healing, and it is valid to do so, but consider this:

Not only is He saying here that God loves all and will do for one what He does for another because He does NOT PLAY FAVORITES like we do, but He is saying that ALL HAVE A DESTINY TO FULFILL, A CALLING IN HIS BODY HERE and NOW; that ALL HANDS ARE NEEDED and WELCOME in His Kingdom, and thus in “ministry! All of YOU HAVE A PART OF HIS KINGDOM! He NEEDS YOU to align with HIM NOW and know YOU MATTER in this! You WERE BORN for such a time as this!

⚓️⚓️⚓️God says to you NOW:⚓️⚓️⚓️

“ALL HANDS ON DECK, little children! I need All of My children to be involved in all I AM DOING NOW! No more SPECTATORS! ALL HANDS ON DECK! I AM no respecter of PERSONS because you are my CHILDREN!”
says the MOST HIGH GOD!

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