Sound Waves

When God “spoke”, He created sound waves …. When YOU speak, YOU create sound waves… This is ‘energy’- The power of LIFE and DEATH are in the tongue — Speak GOD’s Word over yourselves, over your family, over your workplace, over your city, over your state, over your country, over the world. CREATE these sound waves in your ‘atmosphere’!!! These sound waves “occupy” the area they go into – like ‘energy’ —-By SPEAKING God’s word INTO the atmosphere, you are creating the SOUND OF HEAVEN. ….this then CREATES FAITH which is a SUBSTANCE. It is TIME WE TAKE back what JESUS took back when He took back the Keys of Life and death from the prince of the power of the ‘air’- the enemy has no authority anymore, he knows that but some of YOU DON’T! The enemy does not want you to discover who you really are!!!

It is time to let GOD SHOW UP IN YOU!!! OUT WITH THE OLD- IN WITH THE NEW!!!!!!!

Published by Keys to the Kingdom

Teacher, Encourager, and Friend, dedicated to honoring life.

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